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  • Customisable
Technical Data

Talisman Assetloc tamper evident tape is designed to provide covert security for cardboard boxes and various other surfaces of different materials. Once applied, the security tape blends in to other packaging products used, therefore not giving away that the goods it seals are of high value.

Once it is removed, the adhesive layer will transfer onto the surface the tape has been applied to, leaving a void message that clearly indicates any unauthorised tampering. This transfer also means that the tape is single use, further enhancing security.

Our Asseltoc tamper evident tape is fully customisable, with a variety of colours, sizes, lengths and text. We can print both customised void messages and visible surface text to suit your needs, such as company names or sequential numbering. Our tamper evident tape is also available with perforations every 154.2mm.

Assetloc tamper evident tape is available in 50.8mm wide by 50m long rolls, and is shipped in cartons of 36 rolls.

Plain Assetloc Tamper Evident Tape


On removal a void message is left on the applied surface and the same void message is visible on the tape. - Rolls are 50.8mm wide x 50m long.

Numbered Assetloc Tamper Evident Tape


On removal a void message is left on the applied surface and the same void message is visible on each of the 152.4mm long sections of tape.

Technical Data

  • Applications

    Security sealing cardboard boxes with or without shrink wrap, high value containers.

  • Material

    Tamper evident laminate with formulated hot melt adhesive.

  • Packaging

    • Supplied on 50.8 mm x 50m rolls
    • Cartons of 36 rolls
    • Custom sizes are available
  • Marking

    "VOID" message as standard

    Customised over-printing and void message available

  • Colours

    • Standard colours: Red & blue
    • Custom colours available
  • Custom

    We can manufacture this tape to your specific colour, message and size required.

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