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Supporting medical blue-light services during the coronavirus pandemic

Supporting medical blue-light services during the coronavirus pandemic

Talisman Plastics have upscaled production of their popular security seals to service demand from several NHS ambulance trusts across the country.

Ambulance services across England and Wales have taken to Talisman’s Security Seals offering to secure clinical waste bags and resuscitation trolleys during the coronavirus pandemic, and now one of them is trialling Talisman’s new Enviroloc product for on-board medicine pouches.

“We have a solid reputation for supplying both hospitals and ambulance NHS trusts with our clinical waste ties. Over the last 12 months trusts have increased their demand for these products and thanks to a strong team at Talisman, we are able to meet these requirements,” said Nikki Ewers, business development manager for Talisman Plastics’ Security Seals division.

Talisman’s Taliloc and Fireloc products have been employed by six ambulance trusts including Yorkshire Ambulance Service, who are now trialling Talisman’s recently launched Enviroloc product, made fully from recycled polypropylene, to secure medicine pouches carrying life-saving drugs within their blue-light vehicles. Yorkshire Ambulance Service received over 426,000 examples of products across the Talisman portfolio in the last 12 months.

“It’s great that we’ve been able to supply to so many NHS trusts and we’re excited to see how Enviroloc performs as it means these applications can be more environmentally-friendly, as well as securing vital life-saving equipment,” Ewers said.

Astroplast Security SealAndrew Wood, category manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “Talisman are an existing, reliable supplier of clinical waste seals and so it was an easy choice to trial one of their products for securing medical pouches on board our ambulances.”

Taliloc’s primary use has been in securing clinical waste, and Fireloc, with its low breaking strength, makes it perfect for securing items that also need to be accessed quickly in an emergency.

Other ambulance trusts to have worked with Talisman Plastics include South Central, London, Wales and East of England Ambulance Services, as well as East Anglia Air Ambulance.

The Malvern-based injection moulding specialists has upped its production to an estimated 32 million of its clinical waste ties over the last year.

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