Case Studies

Food manufacturing security seal development

Talisman was approached by the U.K’s leading detectable products company to develop a security seal that can be used in the food manufacturing industry. The specific requirement for this seal was that it needed to be FDA approved & EU compliant for direct food contact and detectable by both metal detection and x-ray inspection systems.

Working with the customer’s special polypropylene compound and by utilising our moulding expertise alongside our current tooling, we were able to produce a security seal that met the customers’ requirements. We believe this is the first metal detectable security seal to be manufactured in the U.K.

Our customer said:

“The launch of the detectable Easiloc security tie was a first for detectable security ties. We are proud to have offered many firsts – using our XDETECT® plastic compound – The Talisman Easiloc has brought to us the latest and the greatest!”

As traceability and food security requirements increase and regulations on food producers become tighter – we’re now in a position to offer a fantastic product for sealing food ingredients and food processing equipment in a secure, cost effective and safe way that also minimises the risk of foreign body contamination through the use of detectable materials.

Our service from Talisman Security Products has been exemplary from our first interaction all the way through to the present time. Every query we’ve had and every concern we have raised has been thoroughly addressed in a prompt and professional manner.” We are extremely proud to have been able to work on this project and demonstrate our capabilities in this area. As a manufacturer we can offer so much more than your usual security seal seller and by being based in the U.K. we are well suited to work on U.K. projects.

Tote All Security

When one of our customers were let down by another security seal supplier, we were happy to step in and provide 65,000 urgently needed security seals direct to their customer.

These seals were needed to provide tamper evidence on tote boxes in storage. As we carry a good level of stocks we were able to provide top quality products in time which helped to save our customers reputation as one of the best tote box suppliers in the U.K.

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