• Heavy Duty
  • Tamper-evident
  • Meets PAS 17712 & C-TPAT regs
  • Customisable
Technical Data

The Talisman Cargoloc is a high security heavy duty barrier seal comprising of a metal pin which has a 45mm sealing length and 22.5mm long barrel, total length of sealed unit is 94mm long, all of which is coated in high visibility plastic.

The Cargoloc bolt seal is a high quality bolt seal and is used in intermodal containers, and meets ISO / PAS 17712 and C-TPAT regulations.

A unique serial number is printed on both the pin and barrel.

When closed the seal is enclosed in ABS plastic, therefore any tampering will result on obvious destruction.

The Cargoloc has an anti-spin construction which ensures the locked seal cannot be rotated out.


Technical Data

  • Applications

    Shipping containers, railway cars, truck trailers and international freight.

  • Material

    Galvanised low carbon steel wrapped in ABS

  • Acceptance

    ISO 17712 "H" compliant High Security Seal HM C-PAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) compliant. Accepted by UK and EEC Customs

  • Available Operating Length


  • Packaging

    Cartons of 200
    Carton dimensions: 430 x 300 x 135mm
    Carton Weight : 20kg

  • Marking

    "H" and other identification is moulded onto the pin and barrel to indicate "High Security".
    Sequential serial numbers as standard
    Optional customer name/logo or barcode

  • Colours

    Available in white, yellow, orange, green or blue.

  • Average Breaking Strength


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