Case Studies

Detectable seals for food manufacturing


Problem: How to detect contamination by tamper evident products

Solution: Incorporate detectable material in numbered security seals

Benefits: A traceable seal that can be detected in foodstuffs

The food manufacturing industry naturally has incredibly stringent procedures when it comes to screening food for contaminants & foreign objects, and tamper evident products play a vital part in that. However, how can you tell if the tamper evident products have contaminated the food?

This was the question posed to us by a detectable products company, as until then there were no detectable security seals on the market.

We worked with them to incorporate their detectable material into our own Easiloc security seal, thus allowing them to offer their customers a tamper evident seal that had a traceable serial number, and could be detected if it entered any foodstuffs.

Cost control in distribution


Problem: Spiralling cost of preventing cargo theft, damage and stowaways

Solution: Customised product with 2 day delivery

Benefits: 20% cost savings and reduced stocking requirement

Long distance haulage can be a risky business, with the threat of cargo theft or damage, or even vehicle stowaways. To combat this, many distribution companies fit their trailers with security seals to indicate that their goods are still secure.

However, the costs can quickly mount if a company is making dozens of trips a day. Such was the case for one customer who switched over to Talisman Security Seals in order to cut their costs.

Not only were they able to save 20% over their previous expenditure, but we were also able to give them a customised like-for-like product with a quick 2 day delivery time on all orders!

Solving storage and delivery issues for packaging & supplies companies


Problem: How to provide a wide range of seals without holding large stocks

Solution: We hold stocks on behalf of the distributor and ship direct to their customers

Benefits: Saves warehouse space, maintains fast delivery

It’s often the case that an end user is looking to source multiple items from one seller, and there are plenty of companies that specialise in this, however it comes with its own problems of warehouse storage and managing a large catalogue.

Talisman Security Seals is able to offer a wide range of tamper evident seals for a company to offer in its catalogue, and we’re happy to hold stocks in our own warehouse and ship them directly to the end user.

This means that a supplies customer doesn’t have to take up its own valuable warehouse space, whilst still being able to offer stock product within a couple of days, and customised security seals in as little as 3-4 weeks.

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