• 2 sizes
  • Tamper evident security envelope
  • Unique serial number
  • Available in white or clear material
Technical Data

The Bagloc single use security envelope offers optimum security protection for transporting or storing sensitive and/or high value items. Potential uses include cash deposit and transport bags, night deposit bags, coin bags, cheque bags, police and forensic bags, examination bags, key bags, safe deposit and valuables bags, drug and document transportation in hospitals, etc.

Available in white and also in clear material, which allows the contents to be viewed without opening the envelope.

Security is achieved by the adhesive strip across the top of the envelope, and once sealed, the envelope will display a "void" message when opened, giving visible indication of any tampering.

The standard envelopes are supplied with a serial number printed on the body, which makes each envelope unique, and the same serial number is printed on the receipt section, which is used for recording each envelope.

BG01C Clear 180 x 260 + 50
BG01W White 180 x 260 + 50
BG02C Clear 260 x 400 + 50
BG02W White 260 x 400 + 50

Technical Data

  • Applications

    Secure transportation of high value and sensitive items.

  • Material

    • Security Envelope - Polyethalene
    • Tape - Tamper evident laminate with formulated hot melt adhesive
  • Marking

    Serial number printed on envelope and receipt.

  • Colours

    Standard colours - white and clear

  • Sizes

    180 x 260 + 50mm

    260 x 400 + 50mm

  • Custom

    We can customise the envelope with additional printing of logo’s etc. MOQ and set up charges will apply.

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