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Retail security has always been key in getting goods from the manufacturer to the distribution centres and on store shelves.

The retail sector has unique and diverse needs with counterfeiting, theft, contamination, and exposure from extended supply chains being a consideration. Today’s supply chain requires robust, secure end-to-end packaging security to protect goods on their way to market.

Tamper-evident permanent tapes on cartons and shrink-wrap pallets deliver an additional layer of protection whether goods go to staging areas, repackaging fulfilment centres, reverse logistics or straight out to stores, helping you develop your retail security.

Counterfeits cost us all, but as a brand owner, they cost you the most. Anti-counterfeit protection is needed now more than ever. Whether supplying medicines, make-up, supplements, technology or clothing the development of e-commerce has been an opportunity for growth in sales but has come at a cost, counterfeiting.

By customising your permanent tamper-evident solution, you can incorporate specific corporate messages to add to your brand value including QR codes for additional marketing purposes as well as security.

Tamper-evident labels can be applied to the products and or product packaging. These labels can be permanently void when removed from the surface applied to and leave a message on the packaging or non-residue, which allows the product surface to remain unmarked when removed, the void message is in the label, and cannot be reapplied.

The use of real tamper-evident labels for product packaging can add a quick and instant layer of security to secure your products against counterfeit tampering and counterfeit supply.

The outer packaging can be secured with overt security box tape which can have your logo and clear instructions printed on or, covertly, by replicating plain brown tape with a void message which is revealed when the tape is removed.

Tamper-evident labels can not only offer Anti Counterfeit Protection, but they can also support brand building through quality association and specific product messages are hidden until revealed including barcodes, QR codes and alphanumeric options too.

With their technically advanced and variable functionality these tamper-evident tapes can be applied to a variety of surfaces from flexible to rigid, plastic and cardboard.

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