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Packaging protection security, tamper-evident tapes are an excellent tool to help prevent theft, tampering and counterfeiting of goods in transit, whatever the size or complexity of your packaging.

The permanent tapes can be applied to pallet wrap, cargo crates, containers, cases, cartons and product packaging.

These covert and overt tamper-evident tapes can provide instant, clear, irreversible visual indication if a package has been tampered with. The sequential numbering feature can become embedded in your security progrTamper-evident

Tamper evident tapes and security labels are used very successfully as a practical cost-effective security solution for mail order, e-tail, and online shopping throughout the supply chain.

The use of permanent labels on goods being sent out to customers to prove that the goods were of perfect quality and included in the parcel as well as being used by the customer to return goods to remove any queries.

Tamper-evident packaging tapes and security seals give an additional layer of protection, whether goods go to staging areas, repacking at fulfilment centres, reverse logistics, and out to customers.

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