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Tamper evident tapes and security labels are used throughout the healthcare supply chain to protect against product and drug theft, counterfeiting and tampering.

New regulations are coming into force to add protection to this vital distribution channel, looking at anti-counterfeit authenticity seals and tamper evident labels on packaging, Talisman can support these.

Pharmaceutical security for genuine products are a matter of life & death Packaging is a critical tool to ensure pharmaceutical product safety. Using tamper-evident tapes on your products and packaging helps prevent theft or diversion, or the introduction of counterfeit products into your supply chain.

The tamper-evident voiding verifies the authenticity of the product and provides instant evidence of an unauthorised opening with a permanent mark left on the surface.

Our tamper-evident labels can be permanent or non-residue and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, products, packaging, and pallets.

Securing your healthcare products helps protect your brand from the potential health and safety consequences of theft, counterfeited or tampered-with goods.

Tamper-evident tapes and security labels provide instant product protection through a clear, visual indication, which cannot be removed or replicated when tampered with. Simple, fast, and reliable tamper-evident labels and seals are protecting our healthcare today.

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