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New Online Clinical Waste Tag Audit Trail Management System

New Online Clinical Waste Tag Audit Trail Management System

Talisman Security Seals, the U.K’s market leading supplier and manufacturer of clinical waste seals , is please to announce the launch of their new online Clinical Audit Trail.

Listening to many of our healthcare customers we discovered that current audit trail processes can laborious. The many different systems used are typically complicated and outdated.

Bringing together years of experience in the clinical waste seal market and understanding the varying needs of our customers, Talisman have created this unique system in association with specialist software developers Pepperneck Ltd. which will easily and effectively provide audit trail management.

Talisman’s Clinical Audit Trail system is more than just a glorified spreadsheet. it is a bespoke online audit trail which can be accessed 24 hours a day from any location on any device with internet access. This is accessed by the Talisman website here.

This new system provides a comprehensive way to issue batches of clinical waste ties to a location and a quick way to track any issued serial number. It can handle the requirements of multiple users, and can also provide unlimited locations on one user account.

The Clinical Audit Trail system has the added feature of letting the user know how many seals they have left as a prompt to place an order for more through the system, therefore ensuring stocks are maintained.

Simplicity, quickness and ease of use was the core target during the design process, as providing an audit trail for clinical waste can become a timely and complex task. The possibility of human error and breaking an audit trail is also significantly reduced.

Using this audit trail alongside our Taliloc Clinical Waste Seal range reduces the amount of stock being held on site and minimises the number of required stock lines down to 1.

This exciting new tool is free of charge to all Talisman customers and can become a streamlined part of your duty of care legislative requirements.

To learn more about how this system can improve your clinical waste audit trail, or to book a demonstration please get in touch.

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