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Following the announcement of a new national lockdown, Talisman Plastics remains open for business. Our injection moulding facility is working as usual, with additional measures to keep staff safe. We’re ensuring essential products are supplied as quickly as possible to clients in key industries including healthcare and food processing, and are in regular contact with suppliers to ensure continuity of material availability.

We will continue to operate as normal and monitor the situation in accordance with Government advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

  • Tamper-evident
  • 5 lengths 200 – 300mm
  • Breaking strain 19-21 kg
  • 10 colours
Technical Data

Our Taliloc BT Clinical Waste Seal is used to seal clinical waste bags and to provide an audit trail for the waste. The unique printing on the seal tab ensures that each bag of waste can be traced back to its point of origin. Used in conjunction with our online audit trail we can provide a fool proof solution to track, issue and monitor clinical waste seals.

This seal is available in 5 lengths and 10 different colours.

For optimal sealing, the swan method of bag closing must be implemented – As per the image below

Talisman also provide bag labels with double serial number ranges printed. One label can be peeled off and serial numbers recorded which reduced the risk of manual data entry errors.


Taliloc Dimensions
Taliloc BT200 200 132 4 38 17
Taliloc BT215 215 150 4 38 17
Taliloc BT250 250 182 4 38 17
Taliloc BT265 265 200 4 38 17
Taliloc BT300 300 232 4 38 17

Technical Data

  • Applications

    Sealing a range of bags, tote boxes, vehicle doors, enclosures etc.

  • Material


  • Average Breaking Strain

    Taliloc BT215 and 265 - 19kg
    Taliloc BT200/250/300 - 21kg

  • Packaging

    Mats of 10 in bags of 1,000 in cartons of 5,000
    60,000 pcs per pallet

  • Marking

    Laser printing
    2 Lines of text, each up to 17 characters including spaces
    3rd line is a sequential serial number

  • Colours

    Blue, Pale Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black, White, Orange, Grey, Silver, Lilac. – Other colours are available on request.

  • Shipping Specification

    Carton Dimensions: 610 x 460 x 460mm
    Carton Weight: 4kg

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