Case Studies

Ambulance Service Support

Talisman works closely with various Ambulance Services to supply security seals for securing equipment & medicines. These customers often require large annual quantities of customised products for specific procedures, but lack the capacity to store them.

One such customer needed 75,000 security seals for securing on-board drugs pouches, and also needed them customised to show each pack’s expiry date.

We were able to provide a product that met their strict usability requirements and customise them so that the expiry date could be written on each. Furthermore were able to hold the stock for them to call off, freeing up storage space at their own sites.

Another Ambulance Service asked us to supply 160,000 padlock seals for the same purpose. Again, we were able to hold stocks and customise the product to suit their needs. In both cases using our warehousing facility freed up storage space for our customers, whilst still giving them very fast 2 day lead times on a custom product.

Contract Awards

Despite already being the national market leader for supplying clinical waste seals to the Healthcare sector, 2017 has seen strong growth for Talisman. We have successfully tendered for two 3 year contracts, each for the supply of 3 million seals a year.

As we manufacture these seals here in the UK we can offer the most competitive prices available on the market, as well as a quality product that is very secure. Our Worcestershire-based factory has capacity to produce 31 million seals a year, meaning we can plan and monitor our manufacturing schedule and stock levels precisely. As such we are able to meet the demands of the largest organisations and contracts, and this is what gives us the edge that makes us the preferred supplier for so many companies.

Audit Trail

Traceability is crucial when it comes to safely disposing of clinical waste. Everywhere, from the largest hospitals to the smallest dentists, are required to dispose of their clinical waste in a secure manner and provide an audit trail for their waste.

Often NHS sites record this information manually, noting the date and location each bag of waste came from. However this can lead to traceability problems through human error or poor procedures.

Talisman were asked if we could find a solution to these problems, and so we developed our online audit trail system. This allows customers to create an account on our website, and assign the serial numbers on their seals to the individual locations they will be used at. Customers can then search for individual serial numbers to find out the location and date each waste sack came from.

Since the introduction of this system we have received nothing but positive feedback from customers who say that this makes their audit trail easier to complete, and greatly improves the traceability within their organisation.

Rogue Clinical Waste Tag

In the event that a bag of clinical waste is found outside the waste stream, Talisman are able to search our records of previous serial numbers issued to customers, to locate who the tag was initially sent to.

In 2017 we were contacted by the police regarding a bag of clinical waste they had found somewhere it shouldn’t be. The sack was sealed with a Talisman tag that had our contact details moulded onto one side, so they contacted our office and provided the serial number printed on the seal.

Using the serial number we were able to search our database to find that the seal had been issued to a local hospital 5 years ago!

It’s for events such as this that Talisman keeps up to date records of every serial number sent out to customers, so that we can help keep their audit trail secure.

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