Talisman Security seals is a division of Talisman Plastics Ltd., a precision injection moulding company with over 90 years’ experience in the industry. Not only does this give us a wealth of knowledge when manufacturing our products, but it also makes us one of the few companies to still manufacture security seals here in the UK.

It also means that we have the capability and expertise to develop new products to suit your requirements, and our team of skilled engineers can manage a project through from its initial concept, to prototyping, and then final production.

Our Process

If you are interested in developing a new tamper evident seal, or any other injection moulded component, we can guide you through the five stages of development. Our engineering team offer a complete package and can manage the entire process to produce a finished part that meets the highest quality standards and specifications.

NPD Process
  1. I

    Product Specification

    We will work with you to outline the product requirements, in terms of function, finish, cost, and much more.

  2. II

    Tool & Process Design

    Once the specifications have been set, we can build a CAD design of the product, defining its material requirements and planning the necessary tooling and processes to launch it into production.

  3. III

    Tool & Process Development

    After the designs and processes are approved we begin prototyping the product, and then creating the tooling and other processes ready to put the product into production.

  4. IV

    Product Validation

    Once the tooling and manufacturing setup is complete, we carry out a series of tests on the entire process to ensure it meets our expectations of reliability and quality.

  5. V

    Final Production

    Launching the product into final production doesn’t mean that our support stops there. We continue to run stringent quality checks on all parts produced to ensure consistency and continued and improvements.

The security seals we have developed ourselves are our most popular products. They are:

For more information you can either call us on and speak to one of our project engineers, or visit our injection moulding website: www.talismanplastics.co.uk

Call us: 01684 584200

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