Law Enforcement is a sector where providing tamper evidence plays a key part. Whether, it’s ensuring the integrity of collected evidence, keeping individual belongings secure, or just securing waste bags, you’ll need a security seal.

All our seals are available in a variety of colours, with the option for customised printing – so you can tailor your seals to suit your needs, with names of the relevant police force or prison, specific serial numbers, and barcoding.

Evidence Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of evidence is an important task for any branch of law enforcement. In order to help keep evidence secure, Talisman provide a range of tamper evident seals and pouches.

Belongings Bags & Storage

The safe storage of personal belongings is a constant requirement across law enforcement. Whether you are storing these in a bag or a box, Talisman have a number of seals that can keep them secure and free from tampering.

Laundry & Waste Sacks

Prisons generate a significant amount of waste and laundry, all of which needs to be secured to prevent illegal items etc. being covertly hidden within them. Talisman are pleased to supply a number of prisons with security seals perfect for sealing these sacks, which provide a fully secure and tamper evident solution.


For added security our products can be customised with names of the relevant police force or prison, specific serial numbers, and barcoding

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