Case Studies

Ambulance Service Support


Problem: Ambulance Services require large numbers of seals to secure drugs & equipment.

Solution: Talisman provide customised seals and hold the stocks for the customer.

Benefits: The customer gets their product with a very fast lead time and doesn’t have to take up any storage space.

Ambulance services across the NHS are required to secure the drugs and equipment on board their vehicles, however whilst they must make their storage containers tamperproof, paramedics must also be able to access the contents quickly in an emergency.

Talisman Security Seals supply a number of ambulance services with a variety of seals to suit their needs, that are easy to remove, and can be fully customised. We’ll even hold stocks of custom product if the ambulance service doesn’t have room!

Our customers then benefit from being able access a custom security seal tailored to their needs, with immediate availability, at an affordable price without organising extra storage space.

Audit Trail


Problem: Hospitals are required to track all waste sacks from their point of origin

Solution: Talisman provide serial numbered tags and an online audit trail system to track each serial number

Benefits: All waste sacks have full tamper evidence and are easily traceable.

By law hospitals are required to provide an audit trail for all hazardous clinical waste they produce, which can mean that hospitals must provide traceability thousands of bags a year. Naturally this can be a complex and time consuming endeavour!

Talisman specialise in providing clinical waste seals into the healthcare sector, so our waste ties are customisable with unique serial numbers and customer details. We also offer a free electronic audit trail on our website.

Our customers are then using clinical waste tags which are unique to them, and the online audit trail allows for easy tracking, without the need to manually update spreadsheets. Overall traceability becomes much simpler and less time consuming.

No client too big…


Problem: NHS Trusts need to supply clinical waste seals to multiple sites in large volumes.

Solution: Talisman manufacture, store and deliver seals to individual sites as required

Benefits: NHS Trusts do not have to spend time and labour on stock control.

Many NHS Trusts cover a wide area, and have a number of sites, producing thousands of bags of clinical waste a year which all need to be sealed. This means that storing and supplying tags across a large trust can be a logistical nightmare.

We at Talisman understand the constraints of trust stores departments, and with our production facilities based in the UK, we can manufacture and store a Trust’s clinical waste seals for them – no matter their size.

This means that we can fulfil even the largest NHS clinical waste contracts with ease, either manufacturing clinical waste ties to dispatch to a specific schedule, or holding stock in our warehouse for call-off when required. This provides Trusts with very quick lead times, without having to store seals on site.

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