Talisman Security Seals is the number one supplier of clinical waste tags, and other tamper-evident products to the NHS. We have decades of experience in supplying both the private and public healthcare sectors.

We offer a wide range of products for various applications, from clinical waste bag ties, to crash trolley seals, to equipment and document bags. Whatever your application, we can provide the right solution.

Clinical Waste Tags

As specialists in the Healthcare sector, Talisman know how vital it is for hospitals to secure their hazardous clinical waste, and provide an audit trail for traceability purposes. We therefore offer a range of ties designed to act as clinical waste tags. All our tags are available in a wide range of colours, and we offer customised printing on orders of as little as 5,000 units. As an added benefit, Talisman have developed our own online audit trail system. Customers can use this free service to electronically assign and track tags to anywhere within their site. You can read more about our clinical waste tracking system here.

We provide more than just a product to our customers, and go the extra mile to make managing your clinical waste as simple as possible. We’ll hold stocks for you to call off, or provide scheduled deliveries to whatever dates you require, all for the best prices on the market! That’s why we’re the number one choice for the NHS when it comes to tagging clinical waste.

Pharmacy Security Seals

Hospital pharmacies are required to seal various drugs during storage or transport to other departments, to minimise the risk of theft or tampering. Luckily, Talisman offers a variety of security seals for daily use in a pharmacy. Talisman’s Boxloc Attached Lid Container seals are perfect for securing tote boxes being used for the delivery or storage of medicines. Our Taliloc and Easiloc pull tight security seals also make great alternatives for those wanting a stronger seal.

For the transportation of smaller quantities of drugs to other wards and departments, Talisman stock a range of tamper evident zipped pouches. This zipped pouches are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and can be customised with address windows. You can choose from a locking mechanism that accepts either arrow or button shaped security seals. Whichever your choice, all our seals provide complete tamper evidence.

Resuscitation Security Seals

It is generally considered good practice to secure emergency resuscitation trolleys with a security seal to protect the emergency drugs stored within them. However, by their nature staff must be able to access the contents of a resus trolley very quickly and easily.

Therefore, Talisman Security Seals offer two types of seal that are ideal for securing emergency crash carts, and can easily be removed by hand. Both are available in a variety of colours and with sequential numbering, to improve traceability and tamper evidence.


For added security our products can be customised with specific text and serial numbers, such as hospital or department names.

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