The Food and Drink industry is one in which contamination prevention and traceability are naturally of the utmost importance. With thousands of ingredients being used in thousands more products, the need to ensure that foodstuffs remain safe to eat has never been higher.

Here at Talisman Security Seals, we have a range of products suited to applications within the Food & Drink sector. All our seals are available in a variety of colours, with the option for customised printing – so you can tailor your seals to suit the needs of your business, with company names, specific serial numbers, and barcoding.

Produce traceability

Whether you’re tagging bags of meat, sacks of dry ingredients, or kegs, it is always helpful to be able to secure and trace their origin. By using security seals you can provide both tamper evidence, and an audit trail for your items.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBC’s are widely used to transport foodstuffs, in both liquid and dry forms. Security seals play a key role in securing these whilst in transit, to prevent the contamination of the contents. Talisman provide several seals with straps thin enough to secure the openings on an IBC, and each seal is customisable to suit your needs.

Trailer and Vehicle Seals

Foodstuffs, especially raw produce and ingredients, are particularly vulnerable to contamination whilst in transit. However, you can minimise the risk of this by securing your vehicles with security seals. This also allows you to create an audit trail on all vehicles to ensure that your goods arrive in the same condition you sent them in.

Below is a wide range of security seals for use on a large variety of vehicles to secure your foodstuffs and ingredients whilst in transit. The suitable applications for these seals includes: trailer doors, curtain siders, tanker valves and rail cars, plus many more.


For added security our products can be customised with company names, specific serial numbers, and barcoding.

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