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All locked up Security seals in prisons

All locked up: Security seals in prisons

In our nation’s prisons, security is more than just a buzzword- it’s a way of life. All aspects of prison life need to be tied down and tamper proof, and several supply chains also need to be monitored so that each individual item can be accounted for.

As you might expect, security seals play a large part in several processes at a prison. Talisman’s flagship seal, the Taliloc, plays a key role in prison life. For example, in the prison laundry system Talilocs ensure that any laundry sacks that prisoners attempt to tamper with will be immediately obvious to the prison staff. This means that contraband cannot be smuggled around the prison via the laundry system.

As a pull tight seal, the Taliloc is simple to apply and cannot be removed by hand. As a security seal, and not a simple cable tie, the Taliloc is completely tamper evident. In other words, there’s no way to remove it then reseal it. Prisons can also specify their own custom text on the tag head, allowing each site to implement and effective audit trail, and further guarantee that the seals are not being broken and replaced with another.

Besides a prison’s laundry system, there are a number of other areas which require security seals. For example, clinical waste (just like in the NHS) is required by law to be traceable. An inmate’s personal belongings also need to be stored securely. The items that inmates surrender on entering the prison are placed in a uniquely numbered tamper-proof bag. Then, when they achieve parole, their possessions can be found quickly, and demonstrably untampered with. For all these needs, Talisman can provide a suitable product.

Pull Tight Seals

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